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Entertainment & Event Planning Agencies

Thank you for your interest in my programs. This page will provide you with relevant introductory information.

Currently 63% of our business is secured through entertainment and event planning companies. We value your skills, efforts and talents and are committed to help build your business.

We support your efforts with effective promotional material, fast response, excellent communication, professional ethics and quality entertainment your clients will appreciate
and that helps build your business.

Dr. Hypnosis, Ray Jones 423-320-1111

For more details please contact me via phone (423)-320-1111, email or online form.

Thank you for your consideration.and I look forwards to making your event hilarious and ... eventful! :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Please describe the Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show.
A: The stage hypnosis show is a fun, fast paced, clean program filled with audience participation. The show begins with a hilarious introduction to stage hypnosis that gets everyone laughing and excited to be a part of the show. After the introduction we will have more people volunteering than are necessary and those lucky 15 to 20 volunteer participants are seated on stage in a semi circle facing the audience...all are hypnotized and the fun
starts! They take on different personalities, have their environments changed, and perform hilariously funny routines that are designed to have your audience keel over in laughter, but
not embarrass the participants. Everyone leaves with pleasant memories and appreciation of your event.

Q: Do I need to return the free corporate entertainment demo video?
A: No, it is not required.

Q: What is on the demo video program?

A: It is a promotional video for The Dr. Hypnosis Ray Jones Corporate Comedy Hypnosis Show..

Q: Do you perform in our geographical area?
A: Due to the popularity of our Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show, we travel extensively performing all around the United States and outside the United States to English speaking audiences. I am based in Chattanooga, TN.

Q: How long is the corporate comedy stage hypnosis show?
A: Either 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

Q: What is the cost of the corporate comedy stage hypnosis show?
A: Due to many variables such as show length, location of performance, travel expenses, customization, etc., posting a fee is not possible. Please contact us directly via fax (423) 643-2666, email or phone 423-320-1111 to receive specific fee information regarding your event.

Q: Can I call and get your specific fee information and date availability before I request the video?
A: Certainly, call 423-320-1111.

Q: What is the difference between your show and the other stage hypnotists available?

A: Our stage hypnosis show is a corporate specific program. We are known for our fast paced, upscale performances that are uncompromising on quality and clean entertainment suitable for corporate, professional audiences.

Q: What does "corporate" show mean?
A: Some entertainers have a specific market they specialize in, ours is the corporate entertainment market. This means you receive a proven stage hypnosis program that is hilarious without resorting to any type of material that people will find offensive.

Q: I saw a hypnotist at a Comedy club / bar / fair / etc., he says he can do a show for our company event. Would you recommend using him?
A: This is a difficult question. I would recommend exploring all your stage hypnotist options and then determining who is the most qualified to achieve your goals. You will have to do some research. Viewing our free corporate entertainment demo video would be beneficial. If you would like to request your free video you can ri
ght here..